Phil L. Herold



CEO - Owner - Founder

+49 89 7240 42 69

PHIL L. HEROLD is a digital artist and a rock star.


The Munich based artist can easily be credited as a leading pioneer in the digital art world. His work has been seen and appreciated around the globe. Phil has also caught the attention of many celebrities the likes of which include - The Rolling Stones, Sting, Snoop Dogg, Johnny Depp, Jay Z to mention a few who have always been there to support his career and vice versa.


"What I do is based on powers we all have inside us; the ability to endure; the ability to love, to carry on, to make the best of what we have — and you don’t have to be Phil L. Herold to do it. Once we choose hope, everything is possible." -Phil L. Herold


He was born, in Munich in April 1980, with a rare disease that has left him confined to a wheal chair for all his life, he is only able to move one finger and this is his super power that has allowed him to change and sculpt the world around him through his art in a way that is beyond our comprehension and beyond wonder.


Phil L. Herold’s work can be found in globally renowned galleries Furthermore his work is amongst private collections possessed by influential personalities.


He is considered the forefather of digital pop art. Among artists and friends, "Phil L. Herold" bears the title, living legend.